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Planning Your Wedding Amid The COVID Pandemic: Ideas & Advice

coronavirus covid seating wedding planning

By Lesley Ann Turner

Here we are, Spring 2021 and we are still dealing with the dreaded Coronavirus. This time last year no one could’ve ever foreseen just how much of an impact that COVID-19 would have on the wedding industry. The reality hit hard when thousands, maybe millions of couples felt the full impact of the pandemic in 2020 having to postpone, reschedule and even cancel their weddings. But today we are happy to say that nothing can cancel LOVE - not even this virus. So, today we have some expert advice for planning your wedding amid the COVID pandemic. We’re going to get you down the aisle and saying “I Do!”

At this point, it is safe to say that weddings this year won’t be back to pre-pandemic norms. But, what we are excited to see is how absolutely creative couples are being to still tie the knot no matter what the pandemic is doing. 

Wedding Planning During COVID-19

We get it! Planning your wedding during these unprecedented times is tough. Heck, even without a global pandemic looming around wedding planning is stressful and hard. With this guide, we have some incredible tips and advice on how to tackle wedding planning in 2021. That along with some creative genius ideas that couples have incorporated in their weddings that will make your wedding experience unique and unforgettable. After all, your fairytale romance story deserves an equally dreamy wedding event. So, let’s get started. 

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding during the Coronavirus means that you have to take some extra precautions to keep your wedding guests safe. Here are 10 great questions that you should ask your wedding venue.

  1. What is their postponement or cancellation policy?
  2. Are there any additional fees for postponing?
  3. Are deposits and payments transferable to a new date?
  4. Do you require wedding insurance?
  5. How many total guests does space accommodate?
  6. Do you offer live streaming of service?
  7. Mask requirements?
  8. What safety measures are you practicing for staff?
  9. What type of cleaning and sanitation is practiced before our event?
  10. What’s the backup plan for bad weather?

Consider Streaming the Wedding

We know it’s not ideal but if you plan on getting hitched this year you should definitely consider streaming the ceremony. Of course, you want all of your wedding guests to be able to attend your nuptials, but the truth is many will not be able to make it. Whether it’s because of age, fear of large gatherings, not wanting to travel or illness some people just won’t make the trip. Streaming your ceremony will allow them to still experience your special day. 

4 Ways To Combat Wedding Planning Stress During COVID-19

  1. Stay Organized
  2. Date Nights (even if they are at home date nights)
  3. Allow free time (don’t let planning consume your life, block a few hours every day for yourself)
  4. Open Communication - keep communication lines open between vendors and guests. 

Creative Ideas To Ensure Social Distancing At Your Wedding

Socially Distanced Seating Arrangements

If you still want to invite 100 or more of your “closest” family and friends, but your city or town has strict social distancing requirements don’t worry. Just get creative with the seating arrangements. Modern-day couples have this uncanny way of thinking outside the box and creating some absolutely awe-inspiring experiences and your wedding should be no different. Here are some creative ideas for keeping your wedding guests the required 6 feet apart.

White Folding Chairs Spaced Apart Circling Altar

This is one of our favorite wedding seating arrangements. Why? Having the wedding ceremony take place in the center of all the guests gives everyone a birds-eye view of the “I Do’s”. And by placing these romantic white folding chairs circling around the altar, 6 feet apart it is allowing wedding guests to enjoy the love without worrying about if their neighbor has COVID. Genius!

There are tons of other ideas to achieve this look. You should think of seating that matches your wedding theme. Having a rustic barn or outdoor country wedding? You can use bales of hay spaced apart 6 feet that are draped with gingham blankets for style and comfort. Or if you’re having a posh event rent individual seating such as ottomans or loveseats (again spaced apart appropriately). 


Socially distanced weddings seating

Creative Ways To Block Seats At Wedding Dinner (for social distancing requirements)

Do you hate those cheesy signs that businesses put on chairs to ensure social distancing measures are practiced? How about this creative and super cute way to block seats? This couple used over-sized...cute as can be, plush teddy bears to act at their seat blockers. And with the cutest little cards that say “Bear with me...I am social distancing. Could anything be more sweet or appropriate for a wedding? Unforgettable for sure!


Bears in seats
Pictures Courtesy: @aneeatelier / Decor: @bircheventdesign

Sanitizing Stations

We’re pretty sure that you knew this was going to be on the list. Yes, you have to have hand sanitizer available at your wedding. And not just in one place. You should sprinkle it around your ceremony space and reception - at tables, in the bathroom, at the bar, food stations, and more. But, these sanitizing stations don’t have to be boring! Create cute signage and sayings to encourage your guests to use it. Keep the signage in line with your wedding theme and it will also become part of your decor. 


Cecelia Sebastian Co hand sanitizer label
Cecelia Sebastian Co hand sanitizer label, $10, Etsy
ModParty personalized hand sanitizer favors
ModParty personalized hand sanitizer favors, $20 for 5, Etsy


We know that the Coronavirus is really putting a damper on big celebrations around the world and especially on weddings. Planning a wedding during COVID-19 is not easy but if you keep an open mind, allow yourself to go with the flow, and understand that some things will be out of your control you’ll get through it unscathed. And always remember the love is love and it truly will conquer all.

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