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Six Tips for the Mountain Bride

When deciding on a location for your wedding, there are very few that rival the beauty of the mountains. Lake Tahoe, Park City, Denver and Yosemite are all popular choices with breathtaking views. Whether you’re a mountain native or planning the destination wedding of your dreams, here are six tips to keep you and your guests happy and healthy on your big day.

Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash

Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash

1. Watch the weather

Weather in the mountains is very unpredictable and can change at the drop of a hat. Keeping an eye on the forecast will hopefully help you avoid disaster, but you may want to have a few umbrellas on hand just in case.

2. Function over fashion

While you might be so excited to wear the brand-new heels that you got, keep in mind that there may be rocky paths to navigate. Bringing a spare pair of shoes will save you a lot of foot-ache. It could potentially lead to some cool pictures, as well! Think hiking boots and wedding dress. Your guests may also forget to prioritize their comfort, so you may want to send out a reminder for them to dress comfy and chic!

3. Hydrate, hydrate hydrate!

Because the air is thinner and dryer, those who are not used to the climate will find themselves incredibly thirsty with dry skin and lips. To ensure the comfort of your guests, consider having extra water easily accessible. You could even give out custom lotion or sunscreen with your initials and date on it, for a fun, personal touch.

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4. Be aware of the altitude

One of the worst things that you or your guests could experience at your wedding is altitude sickness. Symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, nausea and shortness of breath. Altitude sickness is easy enough to avoid if the right precautions are taken. If you and your guests take time to acclimate to the altitude, you should be fine. But keep a special eye on guests who have lung or heart problems, live at low elevation or are pregnant, just in case.

Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk from Pexels

Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk from Pexels

5. Slather on the sunscreen

There are two things going against you when it comes to sun exposure in the mountains: being closer to the sun due to the altitude and thinner air. You might be excited to get some sun, but the tan lines from your wedding dress and veil probably won’t be great; you can wait for your honeymoon to get that sun kissed glow. To save your guests, and yourself, from a wicked burn, you can incorporate sunscreen into your wedding favors or have ushers hand it out throughout the day.

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BestDayEverSpot on Etsy

6. Hire a local photographer

As much as you may love the photos that your friend from home takes, a local photographer is going to offer more expertise. Not only do they know how to shoot on a mountain, but they also probably have experience at your venue and know the best places to get the intimate mountain shots that you crave.

Photo by Zoe Pappas on Unsplash

Photo by Zoe Pappas on Unsplash


By MacKenzie Knoll

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