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Why You Should Do An Anniversary Shoot

Anniversary Milestones Photography

Sure! Everyone knows that one of the most beloved parts of any wedding is the professional photos that capture the day. But, unfortunately, there just aren’t many days in our lives where we get dolled up and have a professional photographer take our pictures. But, in modern times, we see a new trend emerging that embraces professional photography more than ever before. Couples are paying for professional engagement shoots and lifestyle photos. And we think this trend should continue long into your married life. Anniversary photo shoots are the perfect opportunity to revisit the reasons you fell in love, relive the fairytale repeatedly, and celebrate the new milestones you achieve each year.

Wedding anniversary photo shoots are a way to embrace your love story in new ways as you continue to grow together. We love this trend and want to share a few reasons why you should do an anniversary shoot, at least once but every year if you can afford it.

Celebrate Each Milestone

Anniversaries are the hallmarks of commitment and love, which is why they need to be celebrated with as much pomp and splendor as possible. Anniversary photo shoots are a great, memorable way to do that. Of course, couples love to invest in anniversary shoots to commemorate significant milestones such as one year, five years, ten years, or even more! But we say don’t stop there. Your journey through life together will have you sharing many milestones and each of them is worthy of celebration.

Couples that have been together for decades and have children together may find this to be an excellent opportunity to really look into each other’s eyes and say, “I married you for your heart of gold, and it’s still as beautiful as ever.” A photoshoot is not about looking younger or prettier, but it is the joy of sharing your life with your spouse. What if you always wanted the perfect wedding dress but couldn’t afford it at the time you got married years ago, but now you can? You deserve to have that moment captured by a brilliant wedding photographer.

A Portrait of Love

If you had a wedding years ago when the only fashionable type of wedding photography was one with the whole family squeezed in, then the wonderfully styled wedding portraits on Instagram must really be a subject of envy. But, it is not too late! So hire your dream wedding photographer, choose a dreamy location (the beach is a hot favorite) and capture the moments that will frame the years to come!

Anniversary photography can be your way to reinvent your photo album with the new things you love. Maybe the two of you have found a sense of adventure and decide to do a styled photoshoot shoot in the Grand Canyon. Each year as you learn more about each other and yourselves, new hobbies are developed, new passions, and of course new fashion. It’s a great way to showcase who you are becoming as a couple.

A Chance to Spruce Up

Let’s face it; life gets hectic pretty fast. After the wedding, there may be new jobs, new homes, moving out of state, the addition of pets and children, and so much more. These things can impact how much time you and your spouse spend together, which can affect intimacy and your love. So, it’s important to remember to take time to celebrate and appreciate each other. Your anniversary photo session can be a way to bring back the excitement.

Maybe you want to do something extra special for the 5, 10, or 20 year mark. An anniversary shoot (it can be themed if you like) is a great present to give both yourself and your spouse. If it’s been a while since you got really jazzed up (think of a nice suit or a lovely silk dress), then go all out for your anniversary shoot.

You can go to the salon, get a new haircut or color, a lovely mani-pedi, the new Charlotte Tilbury makeup products, and really make a day of it as if you were getting married all over again. While there is no uniform color to wear for an anniversary shoot, you can choose to go all white (some people prefer it because they plan to renew their vows earlier in the day!)

Less Stress

Another great reason to have an anniversary photo session is that you can enjoy the experience with little to no stress. Your wedding day is filled with a lot of excitement, emotions, nerves, and even anxiety. So much went into the planning of your wedding day that it can really be overwhelming.

An anniversary shoot on the other hand, can be completely stress-free. All you have to do is select a photographer and choose a location. Your photographer can also help you choose coordinating or complementary outfits so that you look your best. Use this experience as a celebration of the love you have and the journey you are on.

Remember what it felt like when you saw your spouse coming down the aisle or standing there in a suit fit for royalty? It’s a moment you should relive again and hang on the wall, as you look forward to many more happy years together.

Your life journey with your spouse is an incredible ride that is filled with many ups and downs. Together you will grow while you experience this amazing world. Remember to take time for date nights and experiences that allow you to slow down and celebrate your milestones. Trust us; this is one expense that helps to tell your love story on film for you to cherish forever.


By Lesley Ann Turner

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