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Five Summer Wedding Favors (That your guests will actually want!)

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By MacKenzie Knoll

We’ve all been there; the bride and groom have said their goodbyes, and the reception is wrapping itself up. Every single table is covered in favors that will be gathered and left in a box to collect dust. Some people cleaning up may snag an extra favor or two, but the bride and groom are probably going to be left with an abundance of superfluous favors.

So how do you make sure that your favors don’t end up getting forgotten or, worse, thrown away? One thing that we suggest is customizing your favors with removable tags rather than having your date and initials engraved or printed on to them. That way, the favor will be a very subtle reminder of your big day. With that in mind, here are five of our summer favor-ites.

Flower Seeds

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  • Guests often appreciate favors that they can use or admire in every day life. A packet of seeds and little pot to grow them in is a fun way to help your guests remember your wedding. Fun phrases like “seeds of love” or “meant to bee” will make your guests chuckle. To make this even more personalized, you could give them seeds to grow the same flowers that you used in your bouquet and decorations.

Sweets & Snacks

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  • One of the most popular favors is one that the guests can enjoy on their way home! Any sort of baked good, snack, or candy will be greatly appreciated by guests who may get the munchies after a long night of dancing and fun. Fun choices may include cookies, popcorn, customized M&M’s, or trail mix.


    • Similarly to seeds, succulents can be a fun gift to send with your guests. Not only will your guests have a plant to take care of, but you’ll also have some super cute decorations at each table!

    Seasonings & Sauces

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      • A favor that has recently turned into a trend is locally sourced home goods! Gifts such as jam, olive oil, seasoning kits, barbeque sauce, and honey are very practical yet fun things to send home with your guests. There are plenty of fun tags that you could put on them such as “spread the love” and “olive our love to you” along with your initials and the date of your ceremony.


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        • Another super fun way to send a piece of your wedding home with your guests is candles. Since there are so many parts to customize, such as the color, scent, and container, there’s really no way to go wrong with a candle. Additionally, if you burn them at your wedding as well as sending them home with your guests, the smell will trigger the happiest of memories every time they light it!

        As you make so many big decisions related to your wedding, take some time to slow down and have fun with the favors! This is probably the least stressful decision you’ll have to make, so have fun picking out something that speaks to your identity as a couple. Your guests will appreciate a heart-felt gift that reminds them of you!

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