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2022 Wedding Trends - Our Predictions

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By Lesley Ann Turner

Hard to believe that we’re already thinking about and swooning over 2022 wedding trends, but with the way the past year has gone, it’s hard not to look forward to what’s new in 2022. There is no doubt weddings worldwide have been majorly impacted by the pandemic, causing thousands of weddings to be postponed. So if you are one of the couples that are now saying “I Do” in 2022, here is your guide to the hottest 2022 wedding trends.

Every year a new set of wedding trends emerge, from new color palettes becoming popular, unique wedding dress designs & details, and of course the decor; they all typically see an overhaul. So, what are our 2022 wedding predictions? Let’s get started.

2022 Wedding Flower Trends

In 2022 couples will be expressing themselves in more unique and personal ways – more than we have ever seen before! And that means that “2022 wedding trends” might not actually be trends at all. But rather events that celebrate individuality and where doing something completely original is undoubtedly in. And we love it! After all, going to multiple weddings that all seem to follow the same color palette and wedding dresses and decor that looks the same can get boring. So, we’re looking forward to what we’re going to see in 2022. Here’s what you can expect to see in 2022 wedding flowers.

Dried Florals Making A Splash In 2022 Weddings

We know it may not sound too romantic to be using “dried flowers” at your 2022 wedding, but trust when we say they really look incredible. Today’s wedding florists are super creative and design bouquets, aisle installations, and reception flower decor that are romantic and totally dreamy—making dried florals perfect for a 2022 wedding. Here are a few examples.


A beautiful bridal bouquet featuring dried flowers. Photo via @rodeoandcophoto


Yep! Wedding greenery isn’t going anywhere just yet. However, you can expect to see new uses of this earthy floral element at 2022 weddings. Picture greenery draped staircases, suspended florals, ground installations, and even aisle meadows. An aisle meadow is when the florist lined each side of the aisle with glorious blooms and greenery to resemble a field. A great way to elevate your ceremony decor!

Stunning Wedding Aisle Meadow With Wildflowers via StyleMePretty Pinterest

2022 Wedding Color Trends

The most popular wedding colors for 2022 may include a broad spectrum of shades. Since couples are really focusing on themselves and their inner spirit and less on what “everyone else” is doing, we might just see a wide variety of wedding hues in 2022. But here are a few that we think will still be popular or jumping into the wedding scene in 2022.

Earthy Tones

For all the rustic and boho lovers out there, don’t worry! The boho wedding vibe isn’t going anywhere. So, get ready to see lots of earthy tones in 2022 weddings. Everything from the subtle & soft tans & sand tones to warm earthy colors like burnt sienna and marigold yellow. Summer 2022 weddings are perfect for sunflowers & yellows, while fall is sure to welcome the earthy rust tones.


Rustic Wedding Table Decor - Image Source Jonathan Borba

Vintage Metallics

Nothing screams elegant wedding more than sparkling details, so in 2022 we’re expecting to see vintage metallics front and center. From gorgeous bridesmaid dresses with vintage metallic details & copper or gold details on tables & throughout 2022 wedding decor.

2022 Wedding Color Trends - Vintage Metallics In Gold & Bronze

Periwinkle & Soft Blues

When romance is the goal, there is nothing like soft wedding colors such as periwinkle and pale blues. These dreamy wedding colors are reminiscent of an eclectic French countryside - making them ideal colors for romantic 2022 weddings.

Going Digital

If COVID has taught us anything, it has certainly taught us how precious things are. In 2022, you can expect couples to incorporate that into their wedding plans by being more conscious of our environment and nature. We’re expecting to see a push to a more digital wedding experience in 2022, including invitations. We don’t think the traditional invites are entirely gone because many couples will still want the classic paper products. But, we will definitely see more digital invites than ever before.

Digital Wedding Invitation With Pampas Grass Design via Etsy

Intimate & Micro Weddings

Sure! We all know that small and intimate weddings kind of took over in 2020 & 2021. So get ready for them to continue long into 2022 as well. Couples are being more respectful of safety measures and desire to keep everyone healthy, so, for now, the early 2022 weddings may still have smaller guest lists.

Personal & Unique Items

A definite trend emerging in 2022 weddings is the unique decor & design elements that couples will want to include on their special day. Custom-made items such as personalized bride & groom hangers. These are a beautiful addition to your wedding memories and a keepsake that will be cherished for a lifetime. Check out all the designs now, or customize them with your unique message. Shop now!

Virtual Weddings & Events

Yep! Same as the intimate and micro weddings, virtual weddings & events will still reign supreme in 2022. And for good reason! Couples around the globe really do want ALL their closest family & friends in attendance to witness their “I Do’s.” The safest way to do that is with virtual or live streaming weddings.

We’re just getting started on our 2022 wedding trend series. Check back soon for more updates on what you can expect to see trending in 2022 weddings.

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